Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie was born 27 years ago today at 1:19 in the early morning. And like today, it was COLD! I always feel bad her birthday is so close to Christmas. But, as you see in the picture above, they sent Katie home with me all bundled up in a Christmas stocking that the Women's Auxillary League at Long Beach Community Hospital made for all the Christmas babies!This is a picture of my mom showing Brande her new little sister. It kind of appears by the look on Brande's face that she preferred to be an only child!!
Those first years with my two little girls passed by so fast, and before I knew it, Katie had turned one year old. And I was so in love with my girls, I was already planning to have another one. I always wanted to have four kids, and then Bryce was born! He was such a busy little guy, that I thought a little bit more about having another one as Bryce got older and began torturing his sisters. Actually, we are all going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Katie's birthday, and I'm sure not only Bryce, but Riley (with Uncle Bryce's encouragement) will join in to give poor Katie a tough time. Happy Birthday Katie, and sorry you are the "middle" child. But you handle it well!!

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