Merry Christmas

Well, after all the work and effort our favorite time of the year has arrived. I'm hoping this is time to relax and enjoy our family's and friends. There is always something magical about Christmas, especially if you have little ones running around. Above is a picture of Josalyn & Riley at our small staff party. And below this are a few more that I hope you enjoy as well. Josalyn, Riley, and Arianna having a good time. The "girls" enjoying the presents. Sometimes its tough being not only the youngest, but the only little guy in a group of girls, right Azul? The aftermath of all the presents being opened! Brande joins the girls for some quiet time with the playdough. Azul decided he had enough of "the girls" and was busy doing his own thing. Even though there are times that it is really tough to make the time to enjoy those we love, it is always worth it. Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully you are lucky enough to see Christmas through the eyes of a child this year. It is the best thing ever!

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