Something For Everyone

Almost each and every day at Country Roads, someone is bringing in something new to the store. I love it! That way our store always stays fresh and there is always something to look at that you haven't seen before. We had a very busy week-end, and I'm very grateful for that. Thanks to those of you that shopped with us. I only had a small amount of time to snap some photos, so here are a few.

Many of you know our talented artist Lori Gutierrez Hannah. I have to say, when Lori first starting creating her "girls" for the Halloween season, you could see the love she puts into them. Each doll is unique and different and a true work of art. These dolls are a must have if you love Halloween! Our weather is beautiful and finally it is beginning to feel like Fall. Stop by and see us this week. As you know, there is always something for everyone!

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Vintage Market Place said...

Oh Brooklyn has those froggy boots and he just loves them.
We always get everyone stopping us asking about them.
I think I will save them forever on display in our home.
Take care