Lovin' The Industrial Popularity

Although my heart and soul love the old country primitives and vintage advertising, I'm also really loving the industrial stuff that is hanging around these days. It is very popular, and especially with my son, Bryce. What I like about his stuff, is he takes rough, castaway pieces of metal, and transforms them into his own work of art. I love the stains and the old wood he uses when creating tables and other pieces. The metal looking "chair" above is really an old vintage surgical table! The surgical table below is one that he hasn't transformed yet. They look like chairs, but will lay flat like a table. That would give everyone something to talk about at dinner, wouldn't it? There is just something about these, maybe because of what they use to be used for, and now they've been transformed into something totally different!  I like using things in non-conventional ways.  You know "different", not like everyone else's home. Here are some more pictures of Bryce's creations that can be "different" as well.

This red table lamp has been calling my name lately. I love the chippy old red paint on it and like the way that it sits on the table with the narrower part of the lamp as the base!  I have to admit, a lot of things have been calling my name at Country Roads these days. You know how I use that corny saying, "Country Roads. . .always your favorite, never the same"?  I do have to say that although it may sound corny from time to time, it is SO true. Why? Because we have three buildings filled with remarkable, talented people! Come on down and see us soon. As some of you know, the really cool stuff doesn't hang around for long, it sells!!


Recycled Rita said...

I saw an article on vintage lawn furniture and they had one of those surgical tables, I knew it wasn't a chaise lounge( and couldn't figure out why they thought it was) but just couldn't figure out what it was used for!
Now I know! That's one more thing off my long list of lifes questions!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hey Sue, Great post!! Bryce does some pretty amazing transformations! His booth at Long Beach was fantastic! It really looked like a showroom...grass plants in canvas bags and all! I love how he adds so much style to all the industrial!
See you soon!

trash talk said...

Love the finish on the first chair. Industrial blends so well with primitives AND French...what's not to love?

marcela cavaglieri said...

I felt in love with this industrial look when Bryce started to do those wonderful displays at CR, now I can only enjoy them in pictures but I'm happy I can at least do that!!

Anonymous said...

I so love your vintage swimsuit collection Sue! My favorite is the red suit with the life preserve around it.
Do you ever wake up it the middle of the night and get scared by your dress forms? I'll wake up in the night and see one in the corner and think that someone is in the house. And I love teasing Carlos about them "watching" him at night. :)
Hope you have a wonderful week.