Summer Love

I'm one of these people that could easily be a beach bum.  In less than ten minutes I can get to the beach.  Sadly, I don't go nearly as much as I did when I was younger. My home is a mix of things. But one of my favorite ways to decorate "here & there" is to bring a bit of the beach inside of my home!

I've been collecting vintage "bathing suits" for years. I can't even IMAGINE how years ago anyone could wear a suit made from wool, seriously!! It's a bit overcast here at home this morning but I know the sun will be breaking through soon. Thanks to everyone that shopped with us yesterday. I really slept well last night because of it!  I can never say it enough. Our customers are the BEST! I hope to see many more of you today. Take care.


Tanza said...

Good morning Sue !!
LOVE ALL your pictures of your beautiful, beachy home !! It looks so kick-back and relaxing !! My kinda home !!

I LOVE the beach too, and just soo don't get there enough !! Something about the beach air, and sounds !! Could sit there all day, that's probably why I don't goo .. always have things I HAVE to do !!

And the suits, are soo charming, now, I could soo see you in one of those !! You could sooo ROCK the vintage beach look !! Hahahaha ... You are always soo FuN to visit !! Have a happy, busy day !!
Hugs ~Tanza~

Maureen said...

I'm a beach bum too but don't get thee often enough either. Hmmm... what ARE we waiting for?

Love the blue bathing cap!

Prior said...

Me too, I love the beach, but don;t live near now. I adore your suits and caps. I remember many years ago an older woman telling me about her daddy buying her a Catalina bathing suit, what good quality it was and how long she wore it...I know it was a special memory, too bad back then she didn't know it was a piece of art to be framed.