Summer Decorating

I wish I "really" had a "Seaside Cottage"!  The starfish between the two words on the sign got knocked off a few days ago when one of my grandkids slammed the screen door just a tad to hard. I need to glue it back on. Even though I don't live at the beach, I do live a quick ten minute drive from it. I've had a lot of fun gardening and doing outdoor decorating this Summer. I just finished the little sitting area out front a week ago. One of the old motel chairs was a birthday gift from Bryce, and the other a gift from Katie. I love both of the chairs. I have a little courtyard kind of area right before you get to my front door. I've been into succulents this Summer along with outdoor decorating. I love to be outside  enjoying the sunshine. Below are a few pixs of what I've been working on this Summer. . .


And here's my old mermaid, a gift from my good friend Monica when she moved and didn't want to lug this heavy girl with her. I love how my sweet peas surround her and what a better mascot for my home! I hope you are all enjoying Summer as much as I am. . .I love it!


Maureen said...

Looks like a great place to spend some time!

Anonymous said...

your garden looks GREAT! I especially love the wagon. Have a great weekend. Stacey

Anonymous said...

It looks just beautiful Sue!!~
I love all of the bright colors, it really does look like a relaxing beach side retreat.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.