Water Safe

I have a pool and one thing that has always been very important to me, is to have my grandbabies water safe! Riley has been taking swim lessons since she was around 16 or 18 months old down at this little swim school in Seal Beach. Morgan started last year, but not sure why she didn't continue. My goal is to get her back down at the swim school next week when her cousins go! As you can see, when Riley (she's in the pink goggles) started her lesson, Bodhi was all happy. That quickly changed once he started his lesson! Here are a few of my favorite pixs of my little ones taking swimming lessons!

As you can see, everything was better for Bodhi once Riley was closer to him. What I love the best about these lessons is that the first thing they teach the kids is to be water safe. They teach them once they hit the water, whether they've jumped in it, fallen in it, or are already in the water, is to turn over on their back and float. It is amazing to watch tiny babies learn do this. They will always know if they fall into a pool, to flip over on their back. Once they've mastered this skill, they have the kids fully dressed and standing by the edge of the pool. Then someone they don't know from the school casually walks by and pushes them in the pool. It's called the "survival test"! I didn't go the day Riley had her test. She passed with flying colors! When this happens to these kids, what do they do? They flip over on their back and float! Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of Morgan with Riley & Bodhi. If you have a pool and you have small kids or grandkids, I can't encourage you enough to start them early with swimming lessons. It's the best money ever spent!


Vintage Market Place said...

We really need to find a better place to teach Brooklyn.
He is almost 3 now and they tell us here he is too young to be in the water by himself. They only offer mommy and me and do stupid song time in the water.
Not what we need to learn at all.
Riley looks like a natural for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jayden took swimming lessons when he was 3 and that's exactly what they taught him too. I would love to get him and Jack going to swimming class again, I think it's incredibly important. That's wonderful that Katie is starting Bodhi so early!
Wishing you a fabulous Labor day/street fair work week. I'm sure there will be lots of crazy things happening.:)

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Sue, those pictures brought back so many memories!! Poor Bohdi! But he will be the better for it and will learn to love the water just like Riley. Ann

marcela cavaglieri said...

That kid is future GQ cover material. He will break a few hearts at the beach pretty soon and we will not tell that he cried in the water! LOL!

Annie Louise said...

I have a fear of water, and am very cautious when I am in a pool and people are around me, I am so glad you teach the littles ones early, sounds like a great program. Your grandkids just get cuter and cuter.
Good luck with the street fair this weekend. I'll be thinking of you and your crew.

Gypsy Heart said...

They are absolutely adorable!! I love that they are taught from the get go to roll on their back and float. I so wish I had been taught that. My grands were in the water from about 2 months on and they're both like fish! Great activity for them and you know they're safe.

Thanks so much for sharing these fantastic photos!