In My Room

I've mentioned a few times that I've been in the mood to scale down my "stuff" lately! Thankfully, I have a place to bring it and actually make a little money in the process. Here are a few pictures of some of the other things I'm wondering if I should scale these down too! 

Last week I brought in all my old quilts except for two to Country Roads to sell. I hung on to two of my favorite quilts though. They were the red signature quilts and I just couldn't part with them. I also have the old screened pie safe they were in for sale at Country Roads now. I had to have something to hold the TV, so I went with an industrial cart that works well. I just need to get my boy Bryce to build me something to hide it! I hope you all have a "happy Thursday" today!!


Mary said...

It's hard to part with stuff sometimes, but it actually feels great after you do. I did a bit of purging last Summer, it was much needed. I really like the industrial cart for the T.V.!

Vintage Market Place said...

Sue your room is a reflection of your love of the beach.
It must be a great place to retire to.
I just love your idea of the mantel piece as your headboard. Very COOL

Yeah, I really want to find a frame or something to hide our tv in the bedroom as well.
I am sure Bryce will come up with something uber cool for you.

Anonymous said...

WOW you have a HUGE TV, I think you purchased the right industrial cart to hold it. TY. Your room reminds me of a tropical vacation. I hope you feel that way every time you enter.

Sue said...

Thanks Stacey! I bought the tv a few months after my Mom died. She had a very small life insurance left to me and my sister. It wasn't a lot of money to some, but I wanted to get something that I would always remember her by. Thus, the big ass tv in my bedroom. I think of my Mom all the time!

Take care, Sue

The Boston Lady said...

You can't get rid of that bed Sue!! It is just wonderful. As the others have said your room is like a tropical retreat. But purging can also make you feel good too! But not that bed! Ann

Sue said...

My bed is just a regular size mattress and I angled a fireplace mantle behind it. Where the opening was I put white beadboard. I love the mantle too, although just like week for the first time, I knocked the crap out of my head on it ;0)

Take care, Sue

marcela cavaglieri said...

I think I had never seen your headboard before, Sue and I loved it! I also like the combo turquoise-red, fab!!!
I know what you mean about not being able to part with some favorites I brought a whole container with me all across the ocean because of that, it was a huge job but I'm glad I did it! Life could not not the same without those faves! Thank you for putting up with my Spanish posts. Just so you know, you were right, that was my kitchen after a quick makeover, it's not done yet. The carnations I received from my business partner for my B-day. Your Spanish is not improving but your imagination certainly is!! LOL!!!!