Annie Sloan Paint

We just added a new family member to our Country Roads family, Debbie Cooper! You may know her from her "blog", but I think many more of you know her from carrying that amazing chalk paint by Annie Sloan! You now will be able to purchase this paint at Country Roads! Also, Debbie will be hosting workshops as well to let you know just how amazing this paint really is. Below are a few pictures of Debbie's space. She is just getting settled in, but I thought I would share with you what she has done so far!

Along with selling this amazing Chalk Paint, Debbie is also selling some vintage items as well. I hope you have time to stop by and check out one of our newest little vignettes here at Country Roads! And don't forget, tomorrow, Labor Day, from 10am to 5pm we will be hosting our really big sale, "I Survived the Street Faire Sale"! The Street Faire is all gone. There is plenty of free parking, the sidewalks have been hosed down and cleaned so there are no more cooties, and Country Roads is ready for you!! See you soon.


Genie said...

I have been waiting to try this paint and now I don't have any more excuses. I have to visit Country Roads and buy paint. A win win situation.

Happy Labor Day Sweet Sue.

Deborah Cooper said...

Thanks for the great post Sue! I'm super excited to be part of the family!