It's Gonna Get Crazy!!

Last night at 5pm it was official! The Orange International Street Faire began. And what IS the Street Faire? There are several words to describe it, and some, unfortunately, I can't use on my blog. Basically they close all the streets in Old Towne and name the streets by the vendors that sell there. For example, each year we have Greek Street and Holland Street by us. Each year we have the Greek band playing right outside our door which makes it so much fun to try and talk over the band as we work. Below are a few of my favorite things I've heard over the years during the Street Faire!  

One of my favorite comments I really love is when a lady looked at me and said, "wow, this is really big in here. . .did it take you long to set it all up for THE Street Faire"? Apparently she thought we were just here for the Street Faire!

 Each year we get into arguments as to "why" our tiny bathroom is closed. Oh my, and some of the remarks I've heard about that? One of my favorites came from a woman and her friend, "well what am I supposed to do, hold my butt cheeks together"? To which I kindly reply, "no, there are plenty of nice portables lining the streets just waiting for YOU!

There was one Street Faire several years ago that a frail looking younger guy came in right at closing. It is hotter than hell outside and he is wearing sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and way to much clothing. His face is beet red! He comes in "the store" and tells us that he sometimes has panic attacks in large crowds and he thinks he is going to pass and he can't find his friends, and he really thinks he is going to pass out! We had the paramedics come in and an hour after closing we got to leave! And why would you come down to this crazy event if you had these pre-existing conditions?

The people watching during this event is also quite interesting. There was one year that this big, huge hairy guy thought he would stroll the streets in the middle of the crowd with a big yellow and white snake wrapped around his neck! Dandy idea that was. I believe I saw the Orange PD right behind him!

We have the Greek band right outside of our door. The dancin' gets REALLY good as it gets hotter and the Street Faire peeps decide to cool down with more alcholic beverages! And working with that lovely Greek music playing! Oh God, I can already hum the songs in my head!

One Street Faire when we were getting into my car after we closed, I looked up and saw a father and his little boy. The father was teaching his little boy how to pee on our fence by the driveway! I walked up to him, while he was in the middle of his "lesson" with his stuff out and told him to quit peeing on my fence, NOW! We have plenty of portables available, but no, I guess my fence was more inviting! It was not a pretty site.

And speaking of it never being a pretty site. . .the hotter it gets, the more clothing comes off the hot and sweaty people in Street Faire crowd! Wow, is all I can say about that one. So, as I get ready to head out the door today, wish us luck! It's gonna be a tough one, but yet never boring. Even our scary babies have asked to be locked behind protective glass!!! And one last thing, don't forget our big sale on Labor Day Monday from 10am to 5pm! The Street Faire is gone, there is plenty of free parking and we have some awesome stuff on sale!


Vintage Market Place said...

May the force be with you

Anonymous said...

The excitement was already in full swing when we left last night at 5:30, we got out of there as fast as we could!
I hope you have an exciting and wonderful day, I know you'll have some great stories for us tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This post just cracks me up!! I know how the street faire gets and I actually considered attending last night, solely for dinner, however my hubby talked me out of it and probably for good reason. Have a great 2 days and enjoy every crazy and insane moment that the faire has to offer!!!

Annie Louise said...

I will be thinking of you all, hang in there : )

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh Sue, I'm still laughing...your description leaves no questions on whether or not to attend...LOL!!
Much luck to you and the girls...don't forget to hide the bathroom key!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Sue that was too funny. Look forward to this years' stories. Ann

marcela cavaglieri said...

I was having a good time reading your crazy description of the crazy event (which remind me why I never attended it!) until I got to the last picture...WT..? my teenagers would say...are those for sale???
or just a portrait of the CR staff after the Street Craziness is over?

time worn interiors said...

I love those freaky baby dolls!