Sunday Morning Randomness

Country Roads is filled with "randomness"! You never know what you just might find here. I love this old metal hardware sign. It is so unique and big. The holes in the sign that are randomly placed, I'm guessing at one time were where lights lit up this beautiful sign in its day. I guess what attracts me so much to this business, so much to things like this sign, is the history and stories these unique items have to tell! Here are a few more pictures of things that also have their own stories to be told!

If you are looking for some "stories" of your own to bring home, then definitely stop by and see us. Old Towne Orange is filled with history and stories, including stories of ghosts as well!  I'm happy that Country Roads is a part of this unique little Old Towne Orange that was established way back in the 1800's. My building was constructed back in 1919 and I've heard stories that at one time it was an old Nehi bottling company. As many of you know, Old Town Orange is a wonderful place to visit. We've got many antique shops and lots of wonderful restaurants to eat at. Who knows, you just might feel some of the "ghosts" that everyone claims that still reside here. Actually at CR, we have one area that over the years, I've had many different people come in and tell me they feel  a "presence" in one particular spot of the store! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love the sign as well. And of course that grain sack chair is fabulous!!!
I hope the ghost won't be in my part of the store, unless it's nice and brings me lots of luck!:)
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Sue, Loving all the industrial pieces! Especially the lockers in the first photo. My favorite of all is the grainsack chair! I would so love to shop there if only I lived closer!