Sunday Morning Randomness

We had a crazy busy day at Country Roads yesterday and we were short a person. And that was followed by Riley's birthday party last night. Her birthday is on Friday, but she  had her party early for all of her little friends. It was a little crazy, but when you are with family and good friends, what's a little crazy? Today, I posted some pictures of some random stuff we have here at Country Roads. There is always something new and different. That's what I love the best about CR!

The weather is SO nice right now. I hope you find  some time to stop by and see us. The store, the gardens, everything is looking really good! See you soon!


Vintage Market Place said...

Yay Happy Bday Riley!
Loving that champagne bucket!
Can't wait to come browse around. I have always wanted to come see what you have for Halloween :)

afistfullofweeds* said...

Coming to visit your store is on my bucket list Sue!! I hope I can still walk and not in a wheelchair by then!! LOL!!

Genie said...

Fall is in the air. May be it is just wishful thinking but I am so ready for my old school colors of orange and black.