Never Enough Time

There are so many different looks & styles at Country Roads! And sadly, never enough time for me to get as many pictures as I want to take. Our customers ALWAYS come first, and just a special "thank you" to all of you that kept us so busy today! I LOVE how "the store" looks right now. We've got some great looks, dealers moving around and some new friends have joined our CR family. I'm so happy to welcome Caroline, Marina, and Priscilla. Having Priscilla back is really special to me. She use to be a dealer at CR in the early days and now she is back.  If you find the time, you need to stop by. The many different looks and over the top displays are plentiful and puts you into a great shopping mood!  As busy as we were today, I was able to take a few quick pictures and hope to get more tomorrow.

We have two of these "lions" at Country Roads. They are made out of iron and I've had a couple of my customers tell me that they were used as legs for a certain type of pool table many years ago. Look at all the architectural detail on the lion above. They are truly awesome! And "thank you" to all of you that shopped with us today and had such kind words to share with us. It means a great deal to us all! Take care.


Vintage Market Place said...

the store always looks great Sue.
I just love the items you do get to share with us.
It entices me to keep coming back every time we are in town.
ya know I love the doll heads!
Its my favorite place to shop in SoCal
can't wait to get back soon

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Sue, Happy Sunday! You always show the best things and make me so want to go there.