It's Time!

It rained here last night. And this morning, it is just absolutely beautiful outside. The sun is shining and it reminds me that it really feels like Spring. I know my own flower beds need some work.  I've got some plants that need to be pulled out, and the weeds, don't get me started. Our little nursery, Johnnye Merle's, that is in the back of Country Roads looks awesome right now. It's a great time to pick up some plants, and freshen up our gardens! Here are some random pictures of only a small selection of what is in stock right now!

Also, I do have to say, the "inside" of Country Roads is looking pretty good as well! I hope you all have a chance to stop by and see us this week-end. Take care!


Mary said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! My side garden is full to the hilt with weeds and I need to do a major overhaul! Your pictures are giving me some much needed inspiration.

Vintage Market Place said...

I wish I could have plants in my backyard, but this year we are steering clear of anything that would start my allergies off.
So far so good.
One more cold day to pass here before Spring is back, :)
Take care and enjoy your Spring!

Shirley said...

This looks so wonderful and springy. I'm afraid to put anything out yet for fear of freezing. I'm here in crazy weather NE Ohio!! Your post makes me want to go to the garden center!

Anonymous said...

We may catch up in a couple months.
Hoping to melt off the last of the snow this weekend.

Right now the green here is envy.

Cindy said...

I love your blog and I love your pictures of the garden!
Spring is my favorite time of year and I love getting my hands in the dirt and planting flowers. But sadly to say, I live in Texas and by the middle of summer only a few survive!