White Wednesday

Here we are, in the blink of an eye, for another "White Wednesday"! For me personally, the time continues to fly by and slip away from me. On today's "WW", I decided to just snap a few quick pictures around my house. I apologize for some of the shots, as I know I've posted them before. But you know, when you really love something, it's hard not to include it even if you may have posted the picture before. So, with that said, here are just a few of my favorite things that I surround myself with in my home!

You can't really tell by this picture, but this two piece old primitive cabinet is huge. I use it in my kitchen/dining room area and it works so good for storage. And the old vintage "Cocktail" sign is by far one of my very favorite things. It originally came from an old bar in Old Town Pasadena in the early 1950's. I would love to get the lights working on it again one day. Please be sure to stop by and pay a visit over on Kathleen's blog! She has some great pictures today of her home, which I always love to see! I hope Spring is treating you all nicely and bringing some sunshine your way as well! Happy White Wednesday!


Vintage Market Place said...

Sue, your home is so gorgeous
I just love your eclectic style and those baby shoes, awww
Happy WW

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love the baby shoes collection.


Faded Charm said...

Hello Sue, it seems like ages since we've chatted. So much to do, so little time:) You could postthis eye candy every day and I wouldn't mind...love all of it!


Barbara Jean said...

Love those baby shoes, and all that chippy shabby peely paint!!

fun post.

barbara jean

Annie Louise said...

Great pictures, love the baby shoes, so sweet. I never get tired of white, chippy, beauty.

Crystal said...

Everything is so beautiful but the architectural elements are amazing!!!! Beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

It‘s so nice that I found your blog about your link on Faded Charm. So I’ve scrolled a little and like what I see. Now I’m your new follower! ;)

Take care

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hi Sue, so happy to be able to catch up, been away so long & now with dial up, so slow!!! but since I am Bubbie sitting for the rest of the week, I am taking advantage of my daughters High Speed Connection (during naps of course)
As Always, Amazed by the Vignettes & Photos! Love reading your blog!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. I don't blame you. I believe every one would be my favorite, too. But... The couch!! I LOVE it! It just might be my fav of all the pics.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Everything looks wonderful!