White Wednesday

This "White Wednesday" finds us back at Country Roads. We have such a variety of looks, styles and decorating trends that it blows me away at times. I thought on this "White Wednesday" I would share the softer side of my very favorite place to be, Country Roads!

The weatherman has promised those of us that live in Southern Ca that we are finally going to get some Spring weather. Actually for a couple of days, we will even have weather warm enough to give us a preview of Summer! I love the warmer weather, I always have. Be sure to find the time to go visit my friend, Kathleen! And I mean that!! Not only is her blog really great, but their is a list of many other great blogs to visit as well. Happy Spring to you all! Take care.


Vintage Market Place said...

wow it is all so light and pretty
yes we are getting ready for those
warmer temps too.
I am sure cali will be better off with a breeze in the air during your warming. Here it will just be HOT.
Happy WW

Barbara Jean said...

yummy yummy! My fave, that window with box at bottom. love it

barbara jean

Kate said...

Don't we have the best eye candy ever!!! Happy White Wednesday


Maureen said...

Perfectly yummy!

P.S. Was it your Country Roads on Storage Wars tonight?