The "New" Look!

My "boy Bryce" just moved over to a bigger space at Country Roads. He isn't finished, and wasn't too thrilled for me to take pictures, but I wanted to post a few anyway. I REALLY like the way his space is all coming together! Below are a very more of the "new look"!!

Be sure to check back next week because I KNOW this Bryce's area will be much more filled. We have been so busy lately. For those of you that continue to shop with us, please know how very much we all here at Country Roads appreciate it! Okay, now I need to run. Riley has a t-ball game, and even though I can only catch a little bit of it before I go to work, I wouldn't miss it for anything. Go Angels!!


Malisa said...

Seriously, I could go all the way to California to shop Country Roads and never make it out of Bryce's space! I would spend every last cent I have and be perfectly content. His space is AMAZING! Look like he inherited all his mom's wonderful genes!



Mary said...

I'm really liking all of the cool stuff your boy Bryce is putting together in his new space! The last couple of times we visited your store I noticed that he was always busy and working hard. He's one of the many reasons your store looks so great, I'm sure.

Vintage Market Place said...

my heart goes pitter patter when seeing his space.
It is always full of amazing industrial finds and must have pieces.
I still have a wish list from just a few weeks ago of things I would love to bring home.

time worn interiors said...

I always love Bryce's space!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my word, what a place! Happy I dropped in, neat stuff here!


Prior said...

Greatness! Lezlee

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Wow! It looks perfect just the way it is! I can't imagine what else he has to do, but am looking forward to seeing it!