Country Roads Randomness

For this post you will find more Country Roads "stuff" than you will  "words". Three little kids under the age of five can make you want to go to bed early! Seriously. I love the variety of merchandise that CR always has available for our customers. It is always displayed well, always changing, and never disappoints. Here are just a few random things we have at "the store" right now!

I am loving this summer like weather. It is a nice change from the cold weather of the past few weeks. It has been just beautiful out. Hope you 've had a chance to enjoy it! Take care. 


Vintage Market Place said...

Sue it is funny how all your "randomness" was garden related...and then you said how you are loving the warm weather.
I think your eye guided you around the shop thinking garden without even knowing it wasn't so random.
Or maybe you did know :)

We really enjoyed our weather today.
Bike rides for the whole family today.
It was sooo much fun.
Have a peaceful and restful nights sleep

Kate said...

It was such a nice break to stop by today and see all of the beauty in the store. The displays are over the top amazing!!!


Bohemian said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the Green Tables *swoon*... the Motel Chair... the Metal Basket Industrial Shelves *I swear I hear Angels singing!!!* I LOVE the beautiful randomness at Country Roads, I could spend all day in a Shop like this! May you soon feel rested *winks*...

Dawn... The Bohemian

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I love coming here. All this rust, and fun and this and that, and all so wonderful

barbara jean

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Random beauty at it's best!