The Color Blue

I love the color blue. I always have, not sure why. I painted my big family room blue, and liked the color so well that I had the exterior of my house painted in the same color! I think it is because it reminds me of the beach, the ocean and all that goes with that "feeling" blue gives me! When you are in this business of "stuff", you often ask yourself, "do I really need all this stuff"? And as I always say, I don't think it as much about the "need" as it is about the "want"! There have been several times I've thought about selling this old blue cupboard and the pottery inside. Then I know I have to get that piece of glass cut for the cabinet door that I've meant to do for years. And then I look at some of my blue pottery and I start think how much I really like it. So the "want" quickly over rules the "need" factor! Here is some of my favorite blues below.

I only have about  pieces of the old Sleepy Eye pottery. You don't see as much of it as you use to.  And like a lot of us in this business, I think we are constantly asking ourselves if we really need this. Honestly, we probably don't need it. But when you love what you do, the buying and selling of antiques, I think it is our right to be a bit fickle when trying to answer the questions of "want" vs "need", don't you?


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

What a wonderful collection of blue! You've got some great pieces. Definitely you should keep the cupboard and the pottery.

One thing that amuses me is people who come in my shop and announce that they don't need a thing. Well, no. Of course not. Most of us have everything we need. When you walk into an antique shop it's more about want than need. Personally, I want a whole lotta stuff! :-)

Anne Lorys said...

You've got some gorgeous blues there, Sue!

Always a treat for the eyes!


Vintage Market Place said...

I love blue too!
We had painted our home blue as well and then I went more industrial, kinda wish the bedroom was still blue, shh don't tell Rudy.
My closet contains mostly blue clothing, even my room growing up was blue.
Anyway, your collections are beautiful and we need nothing but love, food and warmth in life everything else is a desire for happiness.
These things make us happy and there is no need to explain it to anyone.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Yummy Sue, I love your all of your blue and white beauties!! I use to be a pink gal but over the past few years my taste has gravitated towards blues and grays. It's just such a peaceful and serene color. And I know all about not needing things for the home but wanting it. But if you love something, buy it if you can, it will make your soul happy!
Have a lovely night.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved green, not sure why just do. It is nice to have a color that calls to you, something that is soothing and comforting such as your "blue". As for if we need or want it, don't over analyze, if you like it and can afford it, GET IT !!