A Little Inspiration For Today

The past few mornings when I have gone out to get the newspaper I've been looking at the leaves and the many different colors they are this time of year. I started doing this a few years back. There use to be an elderly lady that lived in my neighborhood. Her caretaker would take her on walks each and every day. And in the Fall, she would stop every so often and examine the fall leaves that were scattered on the ground. She might pick up a favorite and put it in the bag her caretaker would carry for her. I was always in awe each time I saw this woman on her walks and how she was making the time to notice nature, to notice the little details and art that nature gives us each and every season. So many times we are in such a hurry and there is always so much to do, we forget about these little, simple things in life. I haven't seen this woman for the past few years, and my guess she has passed on. I hope she knows, somehow, that she left me, a perfect stranger to her, a wonderful gift. Now, each Fall morning when I go out to get my newspapers, I take a few minutes to notice the leaves on the ground. It rained last night, so there were leaf patterns in the driveway along with the leaves that were scattered on the wet cement. Each leaf being different and special in it's own way.

I subscribe to the website, "Simple Truths". Every so often, they send an email. Sometimes about a book, sometimes a short movie, quotes and such. Today they sent this little slideshow. There are some beautiful quotes in it from some amazing women. Hope you have a few minutes to watch it. And I'm also hoping that you will take the time, here and there, to appreciate and notice all that nature offers us each and every day. Take care.


Vintage Market Place said...

Sue, this was AWESOME!
I am taking a lot of these words and putting them to use.
Wow, I hope all who stop by take the time to read this and I hope it inspires them to take a minute in life and react.
Now about the leaves, I just loved taking walks with Brooklyn and looking at the leaves, especially the ones in the yard of my Great Aunts house, I played under those trees and it was great seeing my son enjoying them as much as I did at his age. The trees are still as giving as they were 36 years ago!

Malisa said...

I can't get enough of the autumn leaves! What a special memory that sweet woman left you...and now you have passed it on!

trash talk said...

It's amazing how the simple acts are the ones that impact us the most. Beautiful memories that you are keeping alive.

Boogieboard Cottage said...

That was very inspiring Sue, Thank you! Mary :O)