"The Vintage Table"

Jacqueline deMontravel and the editors of Romantic Homes Magazine just released a new book titled "The Vintage Table". Like everything Romantic Homes does, this too is a wonderful book they've put together. They have complied pictures of tables & kitchen vignettes of the homes they have photographed for their magazine. It is a great little book, and what is so special to me, is not only am I included in the book and listed as one of the "Homeowners", but some of my friends are as well, including my buddy Ruthie and her daughter, Susan. Because the Romantic Homes office is located close to Country Roads, we often "loan" them items from our store. It was greatly appreciated that we also received credit in the "Resource" section. I love all the little vignettes featured in the book. There is a photo that is close to my heart that the book. While Jacqueline and Jamie (who is so sweet, and an awesome photographer) were at my home taking photos, they took one of this little, old blue & cream pitcher that was given to me as a child by my grandmother. It's cracked, missing the handle and the verse on it starts off with, "I'M A LEFT HANDED PITCHER MADE SPECIALLY FOR YOU". It is so nice to see something you love so much published in a book. Can't exactly explain why, but it just feels good. My old blue harvest table pops up in a few pictures as well, along with other "stuff" I have in my house. Speaking of Romantic Homes Magazine, in the current issue that is out now, Ted & Gloria Hill's home is featured. They have been dealers at Country Roads for a very long time. I've been to her house several times, and believe me, it is filled with lots and lots of "eye candy"! If you are into this world of "junkin" and have a chance, this new book, The Vintage Table", is worth you time.


Maureen said...

If the cover is an indication, it looks like a beautiful book. Congrats!

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
I can't wait (as you know) to get my lil' hands on this book .. I have been to every book store, and shoppe to get one, but to noo avail .. yet .. I will wait until Saturday, when they come to "Paris in a teacup" to sign and hand out the copies .. oohhh .. I'm so not good at waiting .. I hear from everyone that it is quite lovely, and a must have for mee !! thanks for sharing, and I'm soo excited your sweet home is one featured !! How cool is that !! Have a happy day at work ~
hugs ~tea~

trash talk said...

Sue, that is so cool. I can imagine seeing something you treasure appreciated by other's "eyes" is heart warming. I did buy the new issue with Gloria's home and was gobsmacked! Their home is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Malisa said...

My famous friend, we have been together over a year now...brought together by a black eyed pea recipe! Your and your business continue to grow and prosper! I can't wait to see the things you love in this book!



Hope your sale at Counrty Roads was the absolute best....would have loved to come but I was busy being MImi...
The new Romantic Homes book looks so inviting, I'll have to be on the look out for a copy.
Thanks for the headsup about Gloria being in the new Romantic Homes Mag..I sure love her style and am anxious to see it.
Have a great day