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Do you ever think about how something so small can make such a big difference in someone else's life, like a pair of shoes for an example? This is a picture of a beautiful 22 year old girl, Molly. Her blog, "Molly in Haiti" is worth a visit. Sadly, Molly was killed in the Haiti earthquake, doing something she loved, "giving back" by helping orphans. In her memory, there is now a drive to collect "gently used" shoes to send to Haiti in Molly's memory. Please know you can drop the shoes up at Country Roads up until February 14th. I'm sure we all have some shoes that are still in good shape, and little kids grow out of their shoes so fast, which makes this a very easy way for us all to help. There are so many little kids right now that really could use those shoes, as well as adults. So please, take the time to stop by and drop off as many shoes as you can! Below is the last post on Molly's blog, written by her family. Please go visit this blog and see how much this young girl gave back at such a young age and the see the big smiles on the little kids she reached out to. Truly beautiful. The one thing that is really good about blogging and places like facebook, is we can reach out to so many for help. I'm counting on those I know to help out if possible! And thanks to my buddy, Lisa Blanc, for posting this on her facebook page! I've known Lisa for a long time, and she IS such a very caring and giving person. She always has been! There IS strength and "help" in numbers! Come see us at Country Roads with some shoes, or donate to Molly's charity! Here are some beautiful words from Molly's family. . .

Molly is no longer able to add to her blog, her body was recovered from the wreckage of the Fr. Wasson Center in Petion-Ville, Haiti following the January 12th earthquake.

Molly's family is very proud of what she has done in her 22 years on this earth and hope that you will learn from Molly's writings what drove her to leave a life full of family, friends, hot water, clean water, plentiful food and peppermint frappuccinos, to a life of cold showers, bug bites, rice and beans everyday, and hot muggy days. Its very simple, THE CHILDREN. In Haiti she found unconditional love, simple pleasures, smiles all day and a second family. And it made her smile.

If you would like to help continue Molly's dream and journey, please follow the listed link to the "Friends of the Orphans" website set up in Molly's name.

Posted by her loving and extremely sad family, both of them


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Sue, what a sweet and tragic post. The links are no longer available. So so many people whose lives were cut short that we will never know about; doing great work for God and the people of Haiti. Love what you're doing with the shoes.

ginny said...

how horrible a loss this must be for her family. how horrible a loss for the children of haiti.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Thank you Sue for posting this.