Random Country Roads Stuff

This past week, as you all know, it has rained more than I can ever remember. Crazy weather, but, we had a very busy week at Country Roads, go figure! I love when I see a big truck pull up to load stuff that has been sold. For the past week, our store has had sold signs all over stuff courtesy of "Coco"! This was the beginning of loading up the truck yesterday, and eventually all of its contents will be shipped to Korea. Thanks Coco! Also, below are a few pictures from last Sunday's Flea Market at Vet's in Long Beach. Here are some of Bryce and Tim & Lisa's displays! It is always amazing how they can make an asphalt parking lot look so good!

Today as I head off to work, I have my camera ready. Our merchandise turns over so fast which means there is always something different to find at Country Roads each and every day!

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Malisa said...

Why don't you jump in one of those containers and take a vacation...a real life adventure...great blog material! Hope you have a great day at work!