The Wedding, Family, Friends, and the Rest!

On Saturday, the 11th, the big day had arrived for Pam and Adam to get married! And as wonderful as it was, behind the scenes there was all kinds of stuff going on. Above is Riley and Arianna with Katie & Carol. Where is Josalyn and Yesi you may wonder, our third little flower girl? Unfortunately, their car got a flat tire on the way, cell phone dead, and not a spare. They missed the entire ceremony! Here comes the bride! Pam is in the middle, Adam is waiting at the alter, and on the left is Pam's dad, Dave, and on the right is her mom's boyfriend, Dan. What I don't have a picture of was a customer that serioulsy, hunted me down, found out where the wedding was, and wanted me to take her back to the store to get her keys that she "thought" she lost in the store. This happened right when the wedding was to begin! We convinced her to wait until after the ceremony so we could proceed. I mean, does customer service apply at a wedding?
Riley almost made it down the aisle, but turned around half way. Arianna never got down the aisle either.. .we were all counting on Josalyn to lead the way. The "I Do's" were said, and I have no words to describe how I felt as I saw the smile on Pam's face! It's the same smile I remember on her face when she was five years old! Simply described as full of joy and happiness! We've ALL waited for this day for a very long time! Meanwhile, my (not sure what word to use here), customer was still standing in the back expecting us to leave the wedding and find her keys at the store! Bryce went to talk with her and I could see his frustration. So, I went over and she began to yell at me to make Bryce go away. I could fill you in with the unpleasant things she said to me, but its not worth your time or mine. She finally left, and by the way, we searched the store yesterday and her keys were no where to be found! It was time for the reception! Darcy had helped Pam plan to put her Country Roads family in the "back"! With the kids and fun we have, we didn't want to disrupt the entire reception. This is the "last" photo of the reception, and I didn't get to take pictures of the rest of the tables that were filled with Pam's Country Roads family. And thankfully, Yesi, Victor, and Josalyn arrived safely and I have no pictures of them or beautiful Josalyn in her little flower girl dress. Why. . .because my camera battery died! It was just that kind of day. As we laughed, and danced into the night, although I don't have the pictures, I have memories of a very special day that I will always remember. We are a tight little group at Country Roads, and I'm always grateful for that!

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