A Sunday With My Country Roads Family

This past Sunday, our Country Roads staff and dealers threw a suprise bridal shower for Pam. We spent a couple of weeks secretly whispering who was going to bring what, and make SURE you don't let Pam know anything about it! It was nice to see she was surprised.

Pat Estrada brought her awesome mom with her, and Riley, and little Oliver, who is Dude & Marilyn's grandson, thought she was pretty special too!

I've known Pam's mom since the early days of Battered Barn, my first little store in Old Towne. She use to work in the afternoons so I could pick up my kids after school. At the time she was pregnant with Pam's sister, Andrea. Where does the time go,since Andrea will soon be 16?

Of course our "get togethers" wouldn't be complete without the Castillo family. Carol has been at the store for at least 12 years now. As you can tell, it's tough to eat when her little boy, Adrian, and Riley want to help out!

It's never easy taking a picture of four little kids together, as you can tell. From left to right is Josalyn (Yesi's little girl), Riley, Adrian (who is escaping), and Arianna (Carol's daughter). All three girls are going to be flower girls in Pam's wedding. Not sure how they are all going to get down the aisle "together", but we are counting on Josalyn to hang on to them.

The shower ended with cake, which had the name of Pam's favorite song written on it, except spelled wrong! But hey, it's a Country Roads bridal shower, and we never claim to be perfect, just family that really cares about each other and always enjoys a good party!

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Flea Market Queen said...

OMG Sue...the kids are getting so big! And CONGRATS... another baby, life is good!
Our little Maddi is growing like a weed & I adore the time I spend with her. Eric & Megan are getting married next month in Vegas, things are def looking up!
Take care...