The "Every Other Friday" Off Thing!

There was a time that Katie and I use to hang out together on our days off, doing nothing real important but just something for a break. Seems like we've been working so much lately, that a few weeks ago we made the decision to try and go somewhere "every other Friday". This past Friday, Katie had to return something at Anthropolgie, down in Fashion Island. We drove down the coast, Riley went on the merry-go-round (was upset when it stopped), and saw the big koi pond. I always enjoy walking around Fashion Island.

After we left Fashion Island, we went over to Roger's Gardens. Their decorator had been to Country Roads buying old windows to use in their Halloween display. Above is some of the windows (minus the glass) they used in their display. We also knew their Christmas displays would be up as well, and wanted to see what they had done this year. I love how they use architectural elements in their holiday displays. The people at Roger's Gardens do such an amazing job with their displays, its always fun to see what they've come up with.

After leaving Rogers Gardens, we drove back up the coast headed towards home,and thankfully Riley caught a much needed nap in the car. We met Brande for a late lunch at Claim Jumper, who by the way have great lunch specials at good prices. As we finished lunch, Brande took Riley to see the ducks in the pond and collect huge fall leaves, as you see in the picture above outside Claim Jumper. You know, it doesn't take a lot of money to have a little "special" time off. It just depends "who" you spend the time with that makes it so special!

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