Can't Help It, I'm a Geek!

I'm being really honest here, I have a big part of me that is a geek! I don't like war, or bombings in general, or violence but I have this fasination with miltary aircraft. I live near Cal State Long Beach (no, not in a fancy neighborhood, just a regular one), so I get to see the planes fly north of me into the Long Beach airport. Thankfully they fly north of me and not over my house!!

Since Boeing is located there, I get real excited when the C-17's fly in. If I hear them when I'm in the house, I'll run out back just to watch the big dumbo's as the "waddle" through the sky. Brande has promised me that one day she will get me a ride on one. So, this morning, while I was babysitting Riley, I was reading our local paper and they said the big B-1 Bomber was going to land at Long Beach airport at 1pm. When my kids were little, my dad always threw them in his old VW bus (of course there were no seatbelts)and drove them over to the airport to watch the planes land.

So,after I read the B-1 Bomber was flying in, I loaded Riley in my car (in a saftey approved carseat this is)and off we went. I have a place, by the Auto Club, that I like to park, it is right next to the runway. So, me and Riley parked by all the other geeks, which were mostly old men, but that was okay. I had a big ass plane to show Riley. The B-1 Bombers weigh 190,000 pounds! They are all black and really, really loud. Sometimes when they take off, they cause a sonic boom, awesome! So as I sat in the car by the runway anxiously awaiting the arrival of "my plane" Riley played with the steering wheel on my car, turned all the buttons, etc. BUT, she did get excited when JetBlue either landed or took off. On the landings, she would wave "hi", like as in "welcome to Long Beach". On the take offs she would yell, "WoooHooo", which was very cute, I must add. Actually she is very cute!

Time passed, jets landed and took off. Yet, no B-1 Bomber. Then someone had some bad news. It now was suppose to come in between 5pm and 10pm. Riley was still cool about it as we left. Me, I was disappointed. So, I've been out by my pool for awhile this evening waiting for the B-1 to arrive. It's now almost 9pm and it still isn't here!! What's worse, its dark and I probably can't see it now, only here it, that is if it ever does get here! What's with the Air Force, can't they make us geeks happy by being on time!

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