Summer At Country Roads

When Mom is working in the garden and watering on a great June day, and its summer, what better way to pass the time than a dip in the "pool"! In this case, Yesi decided her daughter Josalyn could spend some time in a Country Roads type pool...totally country!! It was just one of those great summer days here in SoCal. The best part about little kids is it just takes so little to make them happy. Josalyn turned three years old yesterday. Where does the time go so quickly. So, after Josalyn was done playing in her own private "pool", what better way to end the day than to have a nice, cold "Lunchable" from Rod's! And being the polite, little kid that she is, Josalyn even offered to share her lunch with me. So as she sat in the middle of the Annie's Annuals perfectly happy and content, eating her lunch,and when I glanced over at the empty pool,it reminded me why I love kids, Summer and Country Roads. Its the small stuff that is special, that holds memories in my heart. Seeing the smile on Josalyn's face and hearing her laughter today made me remember,that's what means the most in life, just the small, every day stuff!! Take the time to notice, your days will be so much fuller. Happy Summer!

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