"Adrian Azul's" 1st Birthday Bash!

So, the youngest member of our Country Roads family just turned one year old! And I ask myself, "where did the time go". His mom and dad (Carol & Lazo) had a big birthday bash at the park this past Sunday. These kind of things, birthdays and all, mean so much to me. I'm not sure how many of you understand that when I talk about my "Country Roads family", I'm really serious. We are family in every sense of the word. The Jackson-Castillo family may not be about blood, but it is about "HEART". Our families have bonded and share a love that many blood related family's will never have. Celebrating Adrian Azul's birthday was just another example of our family ties. Look at the smile on Yesi's face as she holds Adrian Azul (I use both the first and middle name because there is still some "discussion" as to what first name he should use!). Sometimes you just get lucky, and are blessed to not only have those you love work with you, but be a part of your life, your family! I guess that's what Country Roads really means to me, my family! Click the link below for some more birthday pictures. Happy 1st birthday Adrian Azul! www.flickr.com/photos/susandulane/sets/72157606320128196

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