Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today would have been my parents 58th wedding anniversary.My mom died right after my grandbaby Riley was born in August of 2006. My dad passed away a few months later on Valentine's Day in 2007. I always believed my dad died of a broken heart. They had been married 56 years when he passed away. Like I've said before, I thought surviving 22 years of marriage before I went through a divorce was noteable, especially considering what a charming person my ex-husband was. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like be with the same person all those years, like my folks were. I wish I could have had that experience. It was a different generation back then, and maybe that's why we live in such a crazy world right now. We've lost the values of the generation that lived through the Depression. Anyway, I know my mom & dad are together and happy now. That is just the way they were. As long as they had each other, they didn't need anything else. So, "happy anniversary" mom and dad. I'm thinking of you guys tonight and hope you are up there celebrating because you are together, and all you ever needed was each other. I miss you.

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Luv2Shop said...

I just love reading blogs(I don't have one maybe someday)and I came across yours. Love your store and I hope to come visit. I love antiques! When I read your article to your parents it made me cry because I miss my parents too! I just wanted to tell you how sweet your article was. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and will come back often.