As many of you know, my business is retail, but it is also the business of people. I don't know what it is, but I'm always fascinated and interested in people and their lives. Each of us are writing our own book as we grow older and adding more chapters to be filled with the  experiences to our lives.  Sundays are tough retail days at Country Roads. I don't know what it is about this day, but wow, they are long, hard days. And usually most Sunday nights I meet my oldest daughter the El Torito bar down here by the beach. We sit in the bar, and sip our drinks and just talk. Last night we were talking about people in Brande's Dad's family. Although I've been divorced for many years, I still think of these special people that were in my kid's lives when they were younger. We were talking about my kids great-grandma Louise. She lived to be 102 years old, and both Brande and I were in awe about it and what Louise was able to see in her life time and how sharp she was. What a wonderful woman.

While we were chatting over our drinks, there was a big celebration going on in the banquet area of El Torito.  Earlier two girls from the family gathering had walked through the bar where we were seated asking if anyone wanted any of the cookies they had. Both myself and Brande had passed on the cookies and continued our conversation. Family. . .has always been so important to me. My life is so different than many others because not only because my is so close, but I also  work with my grown kids as well at Country Roads.  My family is a huge part of my life that I always cherish and hold close to my heart. And I'm excited as it continues to grow. I will being having my fourth grandchild join our family in late July!

Anyway, as  Brande and I were finishing up our drinks and getting ready to leave El Torito. the same girls with the cookie trays were now walking through the bar passing out the little bags of candy that are pictured above.  It was Marjorie's 90th birthday and they had their entire family gathered together to honer her on her special day. As we got up, Brande suggested we walk over and wish Marjorie a happy birthday. As we did,  this wonderful woman sat in a chair surrounded by a huge family and you could just feel the joy in her heart.  She had on her corsage, gifts surrounded her, flowers surrounded her, and obviously you could just "feel" the love and happiness that this woman had brought her family. balloons surrounded her and most importantly her big family surrounded her! I shook her hand and said "Happy Birthday" and Brande wished her the best. She smiled and then looked at us both and said, "who ARE you"? For some reason I still chuckle about it today as I write this. There was just so much love and happiness in that room with Marjorie that you could "feel it" everywhere!  The room was filled with gifts, smiles, flowers and so much happiness. As she Marjorie squeezed my hand to thank me for the birthday wishes, she tilted her head and sat back in her chair and asked, "who are you"? She was just SO cute!

Sometimes I feel as if I never really knew my Mom who is pictured above on the left in Temple, Texas with her Aunt Faye.  I have a few stories of hers that warm my heart, especially about her love of gardening and her great love of her beloved Texas Bluebonnets. My Mom, Johnnye Merle, lost her Dad when she was only 16 years old.  He had a  drinking problem and killed himself when my Mom was only 16. And sadly her Mom died of cancer when my Mom was only 18 years old. I don't think my Mom ever got over the hard times and the loss. She kept to herself most of the time I was growing up and didn't share much. I actually learned more about her life after she had passed away and I found several old photo albums. I would loved to have heard my Mom's voice telling me those stories of her family in her family and growing up in Texas.  But, hey,  I'm happy that I was able to find the pictures and piece together much of her life. I've been able to share this with my grown kids and will share my Mom's stories with my grandkids as well. 

As Brande and I left Marjorie at El Torito, I left with I smile on my face and a warm heart. I made "sure" Brande knew that I intend to celebrate my 90th birthday there as well! There are so many people in this world like Marjorie, or my dear sweet friend Ruthie, that are so wonderful and wise. They make this world a brighter more caring world for us all.  I only hope as I rack up the years, I can do the same! And me, for now,  I'm still traveling on the road of life and letting it take me to exactly where I need to be!


Maureen said...

What a wonderful experience! I lost my mom as a teenager and it just changes you. Period.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I can be celebrating with you when you are 90, My grandmother turned 90 this year as will my grandfather. I am so lucky to still have them in my life.

Genie said...

Lovely Sue. Every time I visit you are busy. Surrounded, walking customers to specific items, and bringing the retail magic. Sundays are crazy because us M-F 9-5ers use Saturdays for running errands. Sundays are for church and relaxing. Country Roads is the perfect escape. xxxooo eugenia

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