Tis The Season!

So, here I am at my computer at about 7pm and I'm ready, really ready, to go to bed! Today was the first day of our after Thanksgiving three day sale. I also just realized that it is Friday, not Saturday, which means I have too more sale days to work, not one, as I previously thought. I am very grateful for being so busy today, thank you! I also forgot a few of my own rules that I usually don't break during this time of the year. Never wear a dark sweater, which I did today. You will look like the glitter fairy dumped a big bucket of glitter all over you!! Some of the stuff customers buy  may be large or an odd shape. Never, never offer to wrap it in paper because I promise they will say, "oh yes, please"! I always forget and offer! Be sure to keep the adding machine tape near so you can show some of the customers that question your math skills!. And be sure to repeatedly thank the nice, sweet, helpful customers because they make your day so much brighter!  It's the holidays and I'm very happy that so many of our great, loyal customers came out to shop today. As always, it means the world to us. I only had time to take a small amount of pictures today, but here are a few.

Above is Josalyn! She is Yesi's daughter and has been hanging out with her Mom at "the store" probably since she was a toddler. Yesi actually started hanging around Country Roads with her older sister Carol when she was about nine. Then at eleven or twelve, just like my kids, Yesi started working a little bit. Josalyn is the funniest little kid you will ever met. She has a wicked sense of humor and is five years old going on fifteen!! She is always very stylish and has an opinion on everything, seriously. She loves the trade paper Vintage Today. They have a section where they show you a small part of like nine pictures, and you have to find the pictures in the issue. And Josalyn will "study" that magazine till she finds them all! She is just an awesome, smart little kid! Thanks Josalyn for helping us today. We love you! Two more days to come visit Country Roads and find some REALLY could stuff at REALLY good prices!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sue, I just love it all!!

Sue said...

Thanks Theresa! The time goes by so fast that we barely get the decorating done in time each year!

Vintage Market Place said...

oh you poor gal,
I can't even imagine working the day of black friday. YIKES!
Good luck for the next 2
The store looks fabulous!!!

time worn interiors said...

All your holilday photos are fabulous! It all looks so festive! Glad you had a great day, sorry there is 2 more to go!

Maureen said...

The store looks beautiful!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything looks beautiful-I too, am always covered in the glitter this time of year!