It's such a beautiful morning here in Long Beach. The sun is out, and that always makes me feel good. I'm not one for the cloudy, rainy overcast days. Give me the sun and beach any day of the week! Today I posted a few random photos I took at Country Roads. The variety and styles that we have in the store really adds to my business. There is something for everyone thanks to my wonderful Country Roads family!

Speaking of randomness, I remember probably one of the most random items we've EVER had at Country Roads! Years ago when our upstairs was open, we had a dealer who was an author. Nice girl, the wandering eye always made me wonder which way I should look at her though. She wrote books, I think they were cat or dog stories, seriously, and she was published. Her space was "different" but she was upstairs and was a really nice person. She had a boyfriend that would help her from time to time. He worked at Forest Lawn Cemetery. One day I had a price check in a space that was upstairs. As I ran upstairs to check on the price check, I noticed something in this girl's space. It was a half coffin. No, not a cool, vintage type coffin. It was a sample they used at Forest Lawn to sell grieving people coffins for their loved ones. You know, a floor sample! I was a bit stunned, not knowing what exactly to say. She was in the process of moving out anyway. I was really busy one day, and she came up to the counter briefly and said she was leaving and I could just have the rest of her stuff to sell. Mind you, this was stuff that was already more than 50% off! I went upstairs to see what was left, and there it was, the floor sample half coffin! I wondered what the hell I was supposed to do with that thing. I think someone finally took it for a party or something. I always wondered in my head "why" she thought a Country Roads customer would want to buy that! I always say, some day when I have time (that is hysterical) I would love to chip away at a book about my experiences at "the store"! I already have the title,  "Geeks, Freaks, and Antiques. . .The Real Country Roads Story"! God knows I have plenty of material after all these years. I hope you all have a chance to enjoy the sunshine today if it's sunny where you live!! Take care.


marcela cavaglieri said...

Well, that was different let me tell you, the coffin I mean...I guess she thought there is always someone willing to celebrate Halloween all year long!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Sue!!! People are so funny! I don' t think I ever saw the coffin up there, I think I would have remembered! I imagine the customer's walking by her space were probably saying "what the hell" too.
Enjoy the sunny skies and have a great weekend.

Vintage Market Place said...

You know in this business there is always a buyer for everything. LOL
The gallery I show in is have antique shop half gallery and she also has three sample coffins from the late 60s they are mom pop and baby models in pastel blue pink and yellow.
Like I said there is always a buyer some where...
Take care

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Geeks, Freaks and Antiques. Love. It. How perfect! I'd love to hear those stories. Most of us who have been in the business a while have some real doozies.

Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome writer that I wish you would PLEASE get to that book. I can think of several people that I would give it to. It would make a perfect Christmas gift. Maybe you can get to it and have it ready for us one of these holidays??? I am ready to place my order now.

Sue said...

Thank you Stacey! You are the best and hopefully "some day" I will find the time!!

Pent-Up Photos said...

Lurch would have bought it. Seriously. I know, I know. He had a coffin in one of our storage buildings and we used it for a prop in a play which was performed at a famous artist's studio. We left it there and never picked it back up. I've always wondered if our artist friend made art out of it? Wouldn't that be cool?

Girl, I predict that within a year you will find the time to start that book!