What I love the best about Country Roads, and I do say this quite often, is the variety of different "stuff" we have in our store. It's fun to just wander around our 12,000 sq feet and see all the different displays and vignettes. If you are ever having a bad day, come see us. I think we may be able to cheer you up just a little bit. CR is great for an escape from every day life! Here a just a few pictures of some of the many different things you will find in "the store" now!

So, if you live nearby and wondering how you should spend your day, stop on by and see us. And once you are done strolling through our 12,000 square feet inside, you can step outside in the back to our beautiful Johnny Merle Gardens & Nursery and many other great outdoor fountains, statues, and more for your own gardens. It is Sunday, and there IS a full moon, but I have I high hopes for a great day. I wish you all the same and hope to see you soon!!


Vintage Market Place said...

full moon, huh, I think I will stay safe inside today. LOL
HOpe your Sunday isn't BSC
See ya soon

Annie Louise said...

Your post could not be more correct. I love wandering around Country Roads, especially on the days I am feeling a little down. Country Roads perks me right up. I just relax, take deep breaths and enjoy all the wonderful and varied sights that Country Roads has to offer. Some days I make a purchase some days I don't, but I ALWAYS come away happy!!!
Have a great Sunday.

trash talk said...

If variety is the spice of life...y'all got enough for a whole Mexican dinner for 100!
Full moon...I'll be waiting in the Batmobile!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I agree - it's a great place to lose yourself...Unless you have kids tagging along! LOL Next time I'm shopping alone!!