The New White

Lately here at Country Roads, we are seeing what I call the new "white"! I love the blue/gray tones on furniture and pillows and more that are coming into "the store"! The piece above just came in yesterday, and believe me, my picture doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful as is the mirror that hangs above it! Here are a few more pictures of our "new whites"!

The above pictures are just a small sampling of what we have to offer here at "the store"! Variety and selection and quality is something we never come up short on!! We've got beautiful weather this week-end and I look forward to seeing you. And I'm hoping you will enjoy the looks of some of our new whites as well! Take care.


Mary said...

Stunning, such gorgeous pieces! Love the "new white". It's going to be great weather today, perfect for treasure hunting at Country Roads. And loved the photos of your grand babies on your previous post. Too cute! Have a great weekend, Mary :O)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Sue. And of course I am dying over Loretta's space, always full of mouth watering pieces.
Enjoy the fabulous weather and have a great weekend.

Vintage Market Place said...

since her layout in Romantic Homes, I am obsessed with her look.
I had to go to anthro and scoop up the duvet cover she showed in the mag.
But her stuff is just if not more amazing. I would love to get my sister that needlepoint bench, she would die.
Loving the steel blue gray as the new white. Can't wait to come browse her section when I get to town.

trash talk said...

That sofa makes my teeth hurt...it's so delicious!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

You're right Sue, as beautiful as your picture of the dresser is, up close and in person it is absolutely stunning. Sigh!
Just want to thank you again for the opportunity you have given me, and for believing in me. I am humbled.


Maureen said...

It all delicious and yummy!

Crystal said...

I love the new white!!! It's so French!!! Great pics!!!

time worn interiors said...

I love the color of the "new white". Can't seem to make people like it my neck of the woods though! People here are so backwards! Always enjoy seeing pictures of your shop! Happy BS Sunday! LOL!

Anne Lorys said...

Ahhhh, that wall of curtains leaves me weak in the knees!

Great stuff, Sue!

Malisa said...

I want it all! Wrap it up, please! I'll send my driver over to pick it up! What? I don't have a driver? Hmmm. Guess that means I don't have any money either. Sigh.