Jack Johnson

I've been a fan of Jack Johnson for years. And I think we may have attracted some additional fans by playing his music at Country Roads. I was introduced to his music by my oldest daughter, Brande. She was on vacation in Hawaii and became addicted to his music back in those days. I think what people don't realize is that Jack Johnson didn't set out to be a song writer or a musician. Growing up in Hawaii and being a pro surfer, he still dreamed of working in the film industry. He attended UC Santa Barbara as a film maker. And as many things turn out, when he made a student film, it was the "music" in the film that got everyone's attention more than the film itself. He also does a lot for our environment, including fundraisers.

I personally listen to Jack Johnson's music when I want to be anywhere but "here" if you know what I mean. I too, love Hawaii, especially the island of Maui. I guess his music reminds me of the clear water, blue skies and easy lifestyle there. I have to tell you, I love his brand new CD that was just released, "Sleep Through the Static". I really like all the songs on it, but I'm especially fond of "Hope". . . it's an awesome song.

So, the next time you're shopping at Country Roads, I hope you enjoy our music, including Jack's! I know some of our customers complain about what we play but I always look at music like you do at art. It's personal, and has long as its not offensive, I see nothing wrong with playing different types of music!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was so cool that my 5 year old nephew knew "Jack Johnson" was playing in the store the other day and let us know. Very soothing sounds to go along with great shopping!