Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom would have been 81 years old today. It's weird how we remember those dates of those that aren't with us anymore. My mom has been gone now for about year and a half. She passed away four days after my little grandaughter Riley was born. My mom had been in such poor health for so long that we think she hung on just until her great grandchild was born! My mom never got to see or hold Riley, but Teri, my sister, did bring my mom a picture after Riley was born. That's why we all thought she just waited to "let go". She wanted to make sure her little great grandaughter arrived in this world safe and healthy.

I thought about going out to Forest Lawn today with some flowers. I couldn't though, especially when I know my mom's not there. My oldest daughter Brande was going to bring flowers to my mom's grave too, but she couldn't either. So, instead she donated money to the SPCA. My mom loved animals, guess that's where I get it from.

As I drove home from "the store" (that's what I call Country Roads) tonight, I noticed how beautiful it was outside. Although it was cold, it was one of those beautiful SoCal days when you can see the mountains and watch the sunset off the coast at the same time. It made me forget about the traffic and think of happy times with my mom and know in my heart she's doing good, she's happy and life is much better for her now. She is no longer sick or in pain. And as far as going to Forest Lawn, she wouldn't want me there since she knew cemetery's make me sad. It's nice to remember the good memories of my mom now, and I'm sure she is keeping an eye on me to make sure I'm being as good a grandma as she was! Happy Birthday Grandma Johnnye!

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