Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery

 Yesterday I had some time to really wander around and spend some time in Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery. It is outside the back door of Country Roads and is one of my favorite places at Country Roads!  My oldest daughter, Brande, named the nursery after her Grandma, (my Mom) Johnnye, who is pictured below.  Even as my Mom got much older and could no longer garden in her flower beds, my Dad put in a greenhouse window in their home so she still could do a bit of gardening.  There are certain times that I will wander around out in JM Gardens. I find peace there and enjoy being surrounded be all of the plants and knowing my Mom would love to be there with me.  My Mom loved cats. She always had cats her entire life.  And what is ironic and kind of spooky at times is that our JM Gardens is always filled with cats from the surrounding neighborhood. I know that would make her happy!!  Here a few of my favorite things out in Johnney Merle's Garden and Nursery. . .

This is such a small collection of what we have out back in the nursery.  I am a bit prejudiced, but I really love it out there!  I hope you all have time to come visit us soon. The gardens are filled with everything you need for your own Spring gardens. And we do carry Annie's Annuals along with Native Sons and a variety of other plants.  Are looking for succulents?  We have a huge selection! I'm just saying.  Take care!!

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