Home Sweet Home!


I've been working hard on trying to get back into blogging again like I use to.  It always seems that there isn't enough time in my days. Between working at Country Roads, and then working at home doing Country Roads stuff, the time just vanishes. I had planned on taking a bunch of new photos of "the store" but ran out of time there as well. The pictures I'm posting today are things that are in my home that actually have come from Country Roads over the past 23 years or so.  Like all of you, these are just a few pictures of the many things I've bought over the years at CR!  When it comes to our stuff, we all know it has a way of taking us over but somehow that's okay!

The very best part ever about Country Roads, and I do always say this, but almost every day someone is bringing something into new "the store". I think that is one of the many reasons we all shop so much at Country Roads! I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care.

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The Boston Lady said...

I was there last week Lady! Got myself another great enamel medical tray! Lusted after the Yo-Yo quilts by the front register, but had to resist. Hope I catch you next time I stop by. Ann