Country Roads Garden Party

So, this Saturday, the 26th, we are having another little "Garden Party" here at Country Roads. It's between the hours of 1pm to around 3pm or so. It's nothing fancy, just a casual get together where you can ask questions, enjoy some refreshments, and relax!  We like to keep it causal and and are hopes are you will enjoy yourself.  And by the way, the gardens are looking especially good right now! Here's a few pictures I thought you might enjoy. . .

These pictures above are some of the things you will find in Debbie Watts garden space! It always looks great, and she has been working extra hard out there to straighten things up for everyone! I should all be really nice for Saturday! Anyway, I hope you might have the time to come down and see us!  Take care and happy Fall Gardening!


CURIOUS said...

Debbie Watts !?!
She's Amazing . . .One of Our Absolute Favorites !!

BIG TEXAS HUGS (for both of you!)

The Boston Lady said...

Of course I read this too late! I was sleeping on the couch while you had your party. I hope you had a great turnout Sue! Ann