The Stars Boys!

 There are moments when I sit and look at the pictures I've taken and am just so grateful for all of those at Country Roads that put together such wonderful displays and vignettes. It is really amazing to walk through all of this stuff we have here at Country Roads. One of our newer additions to our CR family is the "Stars Boys"! Many of you may know Brent and Darwin from their wonderful antique stores up in Portland, Oregon. They recently took on a bigger area here at Country Roads and I wanted to share some of their amazing vignettes they have put together.

For some reason, this is one of my very favorite vignettes! It is a little closet type area off their space. Not an easy little area to work with. But when I saw this, I loved it! If I had would have tried to put this together, all of the chairs would most likely have fallen on me! I hope to see you soon. As you all know, Country Roads is "always your favorite, never the same"! Take care.


marcela cavaglieri said...

LOVE that sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOrgeous space!!!!!!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Love their space and I'm crazy about that cubby...it's incredible! Can't wait to meet them!

Vintage Market Place said...

I miss coming by and saying hi Sue.
It has been forever since being able to make it down to Orange on any of our visits to Cali. Time seems to fly when we are out and we run out of hours in the day.
Hope all is well with you the shop and the fam.
Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave and hope to visit you soon.

Inspiration Vintage & Lifestyle said...

Wow, they have amazing treasures Sue!! I got in the other day for a visit and was so disappointed not to get to see you. Hope everything is well and have a wonderful weekend.