Gloria Hill's Eye Candy

Happy Saturday for those of you that have it off. And for those of you, like me, that work all week-end, let's hope we stay busy and it passes fast!! The "eye candy" today is courtesy of Gloria Hill. Her and Ted have been at CR for SO long that I've lost count just how many years its been. Gloria just finished a big makeover here at CR and I wanted to share some of her fresh merchandise this morning. This old girl has SO much character. I want to bring her home, yet I "know" that every time I would walk past her, I would scare the crap out of myself. Below are a few more pictures of what Gloria just brought into CR. . .

Gloria and Ted always bring home some of the best architectural elements ever. Over all these years, many of their architectural pieces still fill my home. Have a happy week-end, and I hope you make some time to come see us here at Country Roads!


The Boston Lady said...

I know she would scare me if I had her at home! Great stuff as always! Looks like we are going to be renting down in your area by the end of the summer. Husband's sales territory has moved, so shall we! Hope the weekend crowds are nice to you. Ann

CURIOUS said...

Hi Sue . . . So You have a Source for Architecturals !?!
Everything is Mouth-Watering . . . As Usual !

Have a Great Weekend !!