Our Fall Gardens

I love Fall. There is something about it that pulls at my heartstrings. How our Summer is over and now Fall begins, is beyond me. The passage of time, always in the blink of an eye. I love leaving or coming home to be greeted by the pumpkins I grew this year. I fall in love with them all over again. Below are just a few pictures of what my garden is starting to fill itself up with. I love to see plants that have been planted many years ago come alive in the Fall!

I always know when it's Spring or Fall when my little birds come back to build their nests. I love looking outside my window as the mama bird flies in to feed her chirping babies, while the father bird stands guard over his precious family. I hope all of you are enjoying the seasons changing as much as I am! Take care.

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Vintage Market Place said...

Love it Sue.
what is it about fall that just makes everything better :)