The Perfect Sunday!

Usually I work on Sundays. But today I had a chance to do something I hadn't done in a very long time. This is Bryce's truck as we get ready to unload our "stuff" at the store! And this is only the first load! It's been a really long time since I went out in search of "stuff", meaning my addiction to antiques. I guess life had just kind of gotten in the way of doing something I really love for the past few years. I spent the day with my son, Bryce, which that in itself is something I love to do. We went to a friends house in Chino. Her aunt had died and living on an acre of land and being a pack rat, there was stuff everywhere!! And my friend wanted us to see if there was anything we wanted.

Bryce and I both love architectural stuff. He found these way back of the property, buried in an old shed. I know to most people these wouldn't look like much, but to us, they are awesome. The patina on them, the wear, the shape, they've got it all. They originally were used as part of rain gutters, the top part that mounts to the roof. The yellowish, white one was a corner one, which has different angles on it.

I kept the white rain gutter below. Since Bryce found all the rain gutters and also found a dead rooster too and had threatened to throw it at me but didn't, we agreed he should keep the other two rain gutter pieces. It was amazing how much stuff my friends aunt had saved in her lifetime. There were boxes full of stuff like vintage clothing, hats in their original boxes, tons of Disney stuff, plates, silver, and much more. It reminded me of my parents who died last year, and didn't quite have as much stuff, but did have a life time full of memories as my friends aunt did.

As I was digging through stuff, I found a little, old box taped at the top. When I opened it I found this awesome wedding cake topper in perfect condition. I asked my friend if she knew who it belonged to, and she said it was her aunts. I asked her if she didn't want to take it and told her she "should". She said she had already taken what she wanted so I took it and told her she could come visit it at my house. And to be really honest, I've always wanted to start a collection like this so I guess I'm on my way! Sometimes its the simple, little ways we spend our days and who we spend them that mean the most. I ended my day by having dinner tonight at our favorite family Mexican restaurant in Long Beach with all my family, Mexican Affair. I feel very grateful right now for being able to have one of "those" kind of days today!!

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