Loving the Ocean Breezes

I had just a "little" bit of free time this afternoon. So I totally took advantage of our beautiful weather here in sunny SoCal!  I decided to spend just a little bit of time with a few of my favorite things; a cold Corona, and my iPod and headphones. And you know,  with the beautiful day and those three things, life was good to me this afternoon!

I always say that it is the little things in life that matter the most! I am very appreciative to live here in Long Beach, CA where the weather is nice, and a ocean breeze usually blows in during the afternoons.  I always LOVE to be outside! There is something about being outside that just clears my head and makes me feel so relaxed, especially when I have my music and a cold Corona!  It's back to work tomorrow, but I am very grateful for having some free time today!!

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Patty said...

Oh, Sue ! I love all the vintage goodies you have in the yard! What fun ! That beer sure looks good...I'm waiting for beer days to show up around here. I'm in south central Texas, so it won't be long. We've had a very mild winter, some things never even froze, but I'm looking forward to getting patio and porch into summer order. Thank you for the inspiration!