Almost Time For Our New Years Day Sale!

 As I sit here writing this blog post, I am still amazed that this year is almost gone!  Like all of us, there are some great memories of 2014, and of course there are a few memories that I will I will be happy to say good-by to!  There has always been something special for me to be open on New Years Day and have a really big sale. It is not only a way of thanking my customers, but it is really nice to work with my favorite customers and my family as well. It starts my year off in a positive way that I look forward too! Here are some more pictures of some of my favorite Country Roads stuff!

I love little baby shoes and actually have an old pine stepback cupboard in my home that is filled with vintage children's books, toys, little shoes, and other things. There is just something special about looking at these things and imagining the tiny hands that loved them so much. I sure am hoping we will see many of you on New Years Day at our sale. As we begin our 23rd year in business, it would not have been possible without all our amazing customers!

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