Sweet Monday Morning Eye Candy!

What better way to start the week-off than with some of the great stuff we have here at Country Roads that is just waiting for you to take home! Believe me,  I  am one of the best customers here at Country Roads as well.  Here is just a very, very small selection of what we have at CR right now. . .

Most of you know that Country Roads is about 10,000 square feet of so many different kinds of things. What I love the most about CR is that there is really something for everyone. And along with that we have pretty good prices as well.  As the holidays approach us,  I still firmly believe that giving a gift of something antique or vintage is the best gift ever!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Take care. . .  Sue


marcela cavaglieri said...

Your pictures make me fell like bringing a whole container to Buenos Aires...people could flip here!!!!!

Genie said...


What treasures, I can't wait to visit during the holiday season. Country Roads is not only a treasure chest of tangibles but also inspiration for inside and outside of our home. Happy November sweet friend.