Summer Stuff at Country Roads!

Country Roads is so, so full of great stuff. There are always so many pictures I've taken and so many photos to choose from. It's always hard to just pick a few.  Today I'm posting some of my favorite things here at Country Roads this past week! In other words, a little bit of this and that!

 I try to remember when I post a blog that if you enjoy our Country Roads eye candy, be sure to check out our Country Roads Facebook page. Each day you will find a fresh photo of something that is here at Country Roads! You can find us on Facebook as:
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Take care. . . 

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Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Oh, my! Why in the heck is Cali so dang far??!! I absolutely love the bird house! Great stuff, Sue!! Someday...and the weather there is soooo much better ;-)