A Hot Thurday Here at CR!

I loved the quote above and just "had" to share it on this hot, sizzling day here in really sunny SoCal! It seems like I haven't stopped all day. Where does the time go? So if you find a few "errors" I hope you understand.  Below, are just a few of my favorite things, as always. . .

I still LOVE this couch that our own Cyndy made. If I only had the room, it would be home with me! I hope you come on down and see us this week-end! Our weather is "supposed" to go back to a "semi-normal" temperature after this insane heat we've had this week.  Thank you for always being so kind to not only me, but my Country Roads family as well. You are all the best of the best!


Maureen said...

Love the sofa!

I don't know how you can deal with the heat! Just glad to hear that you are OK with the heat & fires we've been seeing on the news. Be safe.

Genie said...

The weather has been insane. How can June be around the corner. So much to get done and I wanted to beat the heat.

Love your selected quote.

xxxooo e

The Boston Lady said...

Popping by for a visit and looking at the date, yes! Awful heat for awhile although now it seems to be more enjoyable. Last couple of times I have stopped in you have not been there. Hope to catch you next time! Ann