Our Iowa Friends!

Our friends and dealers here at Country Roads, Shawn & Jennie, moved back to Iowa almost a year ago or so. They find some great stuff to say the least. They come out here to sunny SoCal once a month, or close to it, and sell at the Rose Bowl. Then they bring in the rest of their stuff to Country Roads, where they have a space. Below are a few pictures of what just arrived!


For some reason, I fell in love with the piece above. I think it came off a windmill or one of those "things" that usually is out in the fields on farms. Okay, I'm not sure but I was born and raised out here in sunny SoCal so I'm not real familiar with stuff you find a farm! I hope you all have some time to stop by and shop with us. We've got some great vintage "stuff" that would make really sweet Christmas gifts! I hope to see you soon at my favorite store, Country Roads!


The Boston Lady said...

They sure do have some great stuff! I was just looking at your grandkids on the sidebar and they are growing so quickly! Super cute kids. Ann

Anonymous said...

AWwwww Thank you Sue! See you again SOON!
Shawn and Jennie